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Do you have higher priorities then Commercial Laundry PPM Maintenace

Your time is valuable and you have higher priorities than commercial laundry PPM maintenace. However, keeping the equipment in peak operating condition is important, not only to the equipment's life cycle but also for maintaining a safe and productive environment.

Commercial Laundry Planned Maintenance is good housekeeping for any busy working commercial environment to safely ensure your commercial laundry equipment never lets you down at the worst possible time!

Grandimpianti Commercial Laundry Equipment PPM maintenance programme, including post preventative maintenance contracts offers you a flexible, cost effective option for regular maintenance of your Commercial Laundry Equipment by fully qualified and experienced engineers.

Equipment gets: Essential Care-Ongoing Condition Monitoring-Scheduled Maintenance Dates

Our area manager, can work with you to ensure the correct service plan meets your requirements dependant on the age and condition of your Commercial Laundry Equipment and that they are always meeting your expectations of cost ensuring you value for money every time.

Because we are specialists in the industry we can also assure you are meeting the requirements when it comes to Commercial Laundry Equipment legal compliance. 

Please call our friendly service team today to discuss your requirements: 0800 043 1140

We can manage your planned preventive maintenance more effectively and cut costs by 20%

Managers can create more efficient schedules that reduce costs and improve efficiencies.
By switching from planned (reactive) maintenance to preventative maintenance we can cut your operations and maintenance costs.

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