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Grandimpianti AS110

Standard configuration

  • Hot Water
  • 50 Hz V 400/3+N (380‐415/3+N)

110 Kg


year warranty

Barrier washing machines
Barrier washing machines are special equipment which are used where the protection from infections and an absolute hygiene is very important, where it is unacceptable that streams of solied and fresh linen cross in one premise with the aim of observing sanitary regulations. They are installed so that soiled linen is loaded in one premise and fresh linen is unloaded in another. By skilful usage of barrier washing machines we can see that solied linen can never touch or even appear next to the fresh one.    

Barrier washing machines are big and heavy apparatus, it is composite equipment in which the most advanced washing systems of industrial level are realized. Often, when being ordered, barrier washing machines are required to be completed by disinfection chambers and other equipment for hospitals. Grandimpianti realize such kind of supplies.


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