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Grandimpianti GDZ14

Standard configuration

  • G-Wiz™ program control
  • Electric heated 10,5 kW
  • Right hinged door
  • 380-415V 3N 50/60Hz

14 Kg


year warranty

Ergonomic and modular tumble dryers
In a global perspective of ergonomics the new eco-friedly dryers GDZ line are manufactured in four different capacities. The load capacity is 1:1 with GWH washing machines, in order to facilitate combined use of the two devices. The entire load of laundry in the washing machine can be moved inside the dryer with the same capacity: no more division of loads and laundry waiting in the carts!

Now, thanks to several innovations, our ergonomic tumble dryers are a new factor in the reduction of operating costs. They feature a tub heavily insulated with ceramic material to minimise heat loss. The hot air follows a linear path and passes only through the laundry, to produce optimal thermal efficiency. The drying process is constantly monitored by an optional humidity probe. The rotation of the drum and the level of clogging of the filter are monitored and managed automatically.


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