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Grandimpianti GDZ18 18kg tumble dryer

Standard configuration

  • G-Wiz™ program control
  • Electric heated 21 kW
  • Right hinged door
  • 380-415V 3N 50/60Hz

18 Kg


year warranty

Green tumble dryers: drying deserves the right control
The GDZ machines are easly described as eco-friendly dryers: due to the drying chart (introduced by Grandimpianti ILE since 2008) they requiring approximately 1 kW per kg of linen with a low environmental impact. These green tumble dryers save of nearly 12 minutes at each drying cycle, compared to a conventional dryers. They are also user-friendly due to the G-Wiz™ software: its graphical interface adapts itself to the language and level of experience of the user, while the coin acceptor is integrated aesthetically and functionally in the dryer to facilitate the operation of self-service payment.


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