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Grandimpianti GDZ24

Standard configuration

  • G-Wiz™ program control
  • Electric heated 21 kW
  • Right hinged door
  • 380-415V 3N 50/60Hz

24 Kg


year warranty

Easy maintenance
The long-lasting bearings require no maintenance (they are tested to withstand more than 12,000 drying cycles) and their location allows for quick and easy replacement. Even the anti-lint filter (made of sacks of fine gauze or stainless steel mesh) is easy to clean and replace. The long-lasting gaskets, the hinges of the door - also long-lasting (up to 1 million openings/closures) - and the anti-clogging resistances further reduce the need for maintenance.

Tumble dryers GDZ: silent and eco-friendly
Only 54dB of acoustic emission. Grandimpianti tumble dryers are, indeed, silent and eco-friendly: this means more comfortable use and less impact on the environment. The drying machines don't require pallets in order to be moved and has a recyclability of 92%. The machine is made almost completely of recyclable material and therefore has low environmental impact.

High performances semi industrial dryers
The efficiency of the GDZ drying machines remains high over the time because the resistances made of INCOLOY steel prevent the deposit of lint, the burners made of titanium withstand high temperatures and thermal expansion like no other type of steel and the suction system always guarantees effective discharge of fumes.
Electric, steam and gas tumble dryers
To better adapt to your requirements, Grandimpianti GDZ drying machines can work with three types of heating: gas, electric or steam. The gas tumble dryers have a special heating systmen with two stages that is activated wholly or partially, according to the actual need. The maximum power is reached only when it is really necessary. This guarantees a lower environmental impact and reduces fuel consumption. The gas drying machines have burners made of titanium that can withstand high temperatures. The electric models use tubular resistances made of anti-clogging INCOLOY steel. In the steam dryers the heating coils are protected by filters made of steel that block the dust.


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