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Grandimpianti C160/32

Standard configuration

  • 1400 cm
  • Electrical heating
  • Nomex
  • Roller speed control
  • 380-415/3N/50Hz


year warranty

Flatwork dryer-ironers
Front-service type to be used by one or two operators, with possibility of approaching the rotary drying press
to the wall.
Perfect ironing and drying thanks to NOMEX® belts winding on nearly the whole roller surface.
Easy loading of laundry thanks to the laundry conveying strips allowing easy handling of the appliance.
Effective width 140 ÷ 160 ÷ 200cm.
Digital thermostat to select different temperatures and constant visual control of the attained temperature.
Safety thermostat to avoid undesirable overheating.
Adjustable roller revolving speed from 0.1m/min till 9m/min through frequency controlled motor.
Finger-saving fillet to protect the operator in case of wrong operation.
Manual device to move the roller and to take off the laundry in case of power failure.
Electronic device to start and to control the gas flame;
Chrome plated cylinder on request;


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