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Grandimpianti S320-40 3.2m ironer

Standard configuration

  • 320 cms roller length
  • Electrical heating
  • Nomex cover
  • with speed control
  • V 400/3+N (380‐415/3+N)


year warranty

Electronic control unit that monitors all machine running parameters, so optimizing performance and energy consumption.
Automatic device that lifts the press in power‐down events.
Flue exhauster that extracts the fumes from inside the roller.
Roller speed control.
Pedal that stops roller rotation momentarily in order for the linen to be spread over the feeder.
Automatic flue extraction.
The ironing press moreover adapts automatically to roller size and linen thickness, so that ironing quality can be kept constant over time.
Thermal insulation is obtained by high‐thickness ceramic fiber coating that ensures maximum performance and minimum heat loss, which results in lower running costs and more comfortable working conditions.
Microprocessor control optimizes machine productivity and management by the use of customized ironing programs that make use easier.
A brush‐like take‐off system helps the exit of the items while preserving roller coating quality and minimizing the wear of the same.
MAXPRESS‐system roller coating and NOMEX felt: best contact between the press and the roller over time.
Possibility to store and recall several ironing programs.


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Electrical connection

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