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Grandimpianti S160

Standard configuration

  • Electrical heating
  • Nomex cover
  • 380-415V 3~ 50/60Hz


year warranty

The professional ironers for linen by Grandimpianti ILE are highly professional, efficient and durable and they have different types of heating. There are, indeed electric, steam or gas heating ironing machines. Due to the high thermal conductivity of aluminum, the Grandimpianti's flatwork ironers also allow high energy savings and the achievement of the same temperature in every parts of the machine, improving ironing. This material has the peculiarity to reach immediately the set temperature, from 20 °C to 180 °C in 2 min 30 sec, against the traditional ironers where they are necessary at least 15min (same installed power and ironing surface). Our aluminum professional ironing machines with their excellent thermal insulation and with an appropriate temperature control, allow to reach unprecedented thermal performances.


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