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Grandimpianti WFM55G4

Standard configuration

  • Stainless steel tub and drum
  • Free standing
  • G400M Control
  • Wide loading/unloading 
  • Inveter Control
  • Economy Features

55 Kg


year warranty

Frame and structure
The structure of the machine is particularly robust and suited to intensive work. The motor, located near the bottom, keeps its barycentre near the ground, reducing vibrations and noise level during spinning.

The strength of experience
All the appliances come predisposed with a maximum number connections for 9 dosing pumps for liquid detergent. On request, pumps can also be supplied with the machines.
The convenience of managing machines controlled by the G400M system is completed with a simple and intuitive PC program that allows for complete machine management and programming.

On the other hand, for the easier operations such as copying washing programs from one machine to another, the Smartcard is all
you’ll need to insert new programs and update existing ones: once inserted in the reader, standard on the entire gamma, just follow
the instructions as they appear on the machine’s display.

In response to requirements imposed by difficult installation conditions, there are a series of accessories such as voltage stabilisers,
transformers and components for special voltages.

Thanks to these devices, the laundry manager can exploit the potentialities of this gamma of machines even in the most harsh
installations, such as: mobile work camps, extraction mining, platforms or on board a ship.


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