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Grandimpianti GWM8

Standard configuration

  • G4-Wiz® Easy control computer
  • Dynamic weighing DWS
  • Electric heating
  • Isolation transformer
  • Dump valve
  • Drain connection hose

8 Kg


year warranty

GWM - simple and sturdy equipment with low upkeep and an excellent performance. With an entry level washing machine you will find the efficiency, the quality and the reliability of higher spin speed washing machines.

Optional feature is included
The exclusive DWS patent is a standard in these washing machines. This weighing system automatically and independently weighs the laundry and calculates the exact amount of water, detergent and cycle length with an accuracy that matches perfectly with the performance of this line.

These machines are perfect for those sites, working camps or mines, that desire to provide a higher level cleaning and hygiene service to their clients, with the necessity to adopt technical solutions that don’t required high grade skills


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